Training Manual

This manual is a compilation of articles and advice that have been compiled by the Marathon Charity Cooperation Coaches. If you have any questions about any of the information referenced here, please contact the Marathon Charity Cooperation Coaching Team.

Chapter 0: Basic Marathon Training Guide
Chapter 1: Beginning Runner’s Guide
Chapter 2: The Best Shoe for You
Chapter 3: Running Apparel
Chapter 4: Injury Prevention - Part 1
Chapter 5: Injury Prevention - Part 2
Chapter 6: Stay Loose: Stretches for Runners
Chapter 7: Race Readiness
Chapter 8: Hydration: The Key to Exercise Success
Chapter 9: Running Hills to Improve Performance
Chapter 10: Avoid Hitting the Wall
Chapter 11: The Long Run
Chapter 12: 26 Tips for Running Your Best 26.2
Chapter 13: Race Etiquette
Chapter 14: Eat Like a Champion
Chapter 15:
Race Check List
Chapter 16:
It’s Taper Time
Chapter 17:
Avoid Overuse Injuries
Chapter 18:
John Steitz Recommends Sports Watches
Chapter 19:
John Steitz’s Hydration Tips
Chapter 20:
John Steitz’s on Pacing
Chapter 21: John Steitz on Recovery
Chapter 22: Inquiry Prevention Taping Techniques